Brimma Collapsible Bottle Giveaway

Brimma Collapsible Bottle Giveaway

Hydration That Goes Everywhere

We all know that staying hydrated is important. Yet carrying a heavy bottle with unnecessary weight can be a drag. Plastic bottled water is convenient but isn't practical or environmentally friendly.

That is why we decided to create our lightweight collapsible travel bottle for on the go hydration.

Enjoy Maximum Hydration With The Brimma 22oz Collapsible Water Bottle!


-100% BPA Free

-Smart Leak Proof Design

-Convenient Carrying Handle

-Sweat Proof Sleeve Grip

-22 Oz (650 ml)

-Durable and Flexible

-Easy To Clean

- High Quality Food Grade Silicone

- Taste & Odor Free

- Can Handle Hot or Cold Liquid Beverages

- Fits Most Cup Holders

- Save money and space with our foldable reusable collapsible bottle container

Shrinks To Fit Anywhere!

Sturdy enough to stand on its own, yet flexible enough to easily be rolled up and taken anywhere. Perfect for the camping, backpacking, hiking, work, school, gym, yoga, crossfit, sports, cycling, as a unique gift, and more!