How Much Water Should You Drink To Lose Weight

how much water is needed for weight loss

Many of us want to lose weight. However, it's not always easy to slim down!

If you want to facilitate the process of shedding unwanted pounds, you should start by thinking about your current water intake and then adding to it if it's needed.

In order to help you get the hard facts about how much water you should drink in order to lose weight, we've created a detailed guide. Our goal is to assist you with achieving your ideal weight by offering you factual information about the correct amounts of water to drink.

You may use this information in order to create the ideal weight loss plan!

Why Is Drinking Water So Important?

You probably already know that our bodies are made up of two-thirds H20! Water is vital in terms of helping the body to function properly. For example, it's needed in order to eliminate waste and in order to regulate the temperatures of our bodies. As well, it plays a role in joint lubrication. In addition, you'll find that drinking sufficient quantities of water dulls your appetite!

Sometimes, we skimp on hydration. We may turn to coffee, caffeinated tea or other diuretic drinks which have stimulant properties, so as to access short energy bursts which help us to make it through busy days and nights. If you're keen on starting a fat loss diet, you should know that laying off the caffeine will be smart. When you ingest a lot of caffeine, you're drying your body out.

Drinking more water, rather than turning to yet another cup of coffee, will allow you to flush out impurities and give all of your body systems the hydration that they need in order to function at their best.

Those who want to drop pounds rapidly should know that boosting water intake to optimal levels will help dramatically. For example, if you want to know how to lose weight in a week, discovering our tips on drinking the right amount of water for fat loss will be extremely beneficial.

More water intake means less bloating. It also helps the digestive system to rid itself of impacted waste, parasites and host of other diet-busting matter! Also, drinking enough water is super-important in terms of keeping energy levels high. You may not realize that one symptom of dehydration is fatigue. Without sufficient water, you may feel tired a lot and type of fatigue just isn't necessary.

Water may be drunk straight up or you may experiment with healthy and tasty ways to hydrate which won't dry your body out, including herbal teas and infused waters.

There are many great drinks which will help you to meet your hydration (and weight loss!) goals...

How Much Water Should You Drink?

how much water to drink

If you're male, you'll need to drink three liters of water per day in order to access the most impressive weight loss benefits. Women should try to drink 2.2 liters of water each day. So, men need thirteen cups of water daily and women need nine cups of water daily.

As you know, the size of a drinking glass will impact how much water it holds and how much water you drink! One cup of water isn't a huge amount and some drinking glasses, travel mugs or other vessels for beverages hold much more.

So, think about the amount of water that you're getting via your usual water bottle or most beloved mug. How many times will you need to fill it up in a day in order to get the correct allotment of H20?

If you generally drink out of a typical drinking glass, shoot for "eight by eight". You may need a bit more water based on the guidelines that we mentioned earlier. However, making a point of drinking eight glasses of water eight times a day will definitely get you on the right track and this formula is just so simple to remember!

When you fill a typical, eight-ounce drinking glass with water eight times per day, you should hit your daily goal easily! Another strategy is buying a sports water bottle (which usually holds two cups of water) and then filling it up four times (plus one-half of a fifth!), if you're female. Fill it up ten times if you're male (you'll only need to drink half a bottle of water during the last "fill-up").

Having this information at your fingertips will help you to become more mindful about the amount of water that you're putting into your body! The amount of fluids that you take in will affect your rate of weight loss. While your caloric intake and the type of food that you choose will also be important, in addition to the amount of daily exercise that you get, adding proper hydration to an existing diet plan will absolutely help the diet plan to work its magic.

Without proper hydration levels, you may find that even the most impressive diet plan fails to meet the mark.

Is Tap Water a Good Choice?

Some people drink tap water. Others drink tap water which has been filtered via a home water filtration system. It's also possible to buy bottled water and then get your hydration that way.

Everyone has their own views on how safe the modern water supply is and you may have a set opinion about this. It's up to you to decide which way of drinking water is right for you! Most home-filtered and bottled water is free of more contaminants than tap water is.

According to the Water Quality Association, typical tap water (which generally travels long distances through older pipes) may contain barium, copper, arsenic, aluminum and other harmful substances.

Our municipal governments do all that they can to keep water safe and clean. Nonetheless, a lot of people prefer the taste and quality of home-filtered or bottled water and you may agree.

Are You Tired of Plain Water?

Plain water is freshening and it's easy to drink a lot of it, in contrast to, say, cola, which is loaded with sugar and sodium (for carbonation)! However, you may find that drinking endless water daily in order to lose weight gets a bit dull! If you do, you should explore other options. We prefer the non-processed options, as they are healthier and more diet-friendly, so let's talk about them for a moment.

Add Lemon to Your Water

Lemon makes plain water come to life. It adds tart and tangy flavor which is irresistible to most! If you love lemon, you should know that adding a teaspoon of fresh-squeezed lemon juice to a bottle of water or glass of water will make it taste more interesting and also provide other diet-friendly benefits.

First off, lemon has mild diuretic properties, so it will help to alleviate bloating. As well, it's loaded with vitamin C. People who don't get enough of this important vitamin tend to have more belly fat than those who do get enough!

Test Our Herbal Tea Varieties

These sorts of tea don't contain caffeine and herbal teas are often loaded with taste. Also, some may have health-boosting benefits. When it comes to weight loss, these teas help by boosting hydration. In addition, many people who switch to herbal tea are replacing high-calorie, unhealthy beverages with safe and healthy teas that don't contain any calories at all! Some people even use herbal teas as soup stock substitutes and this also saves them calories.

Peppermint Tea is a good choice when you're looking for more energy, as is any herbal tea which is citrus-y! If you want to relax, go for Chamomile Tea, which will help you to relax. Another strategy is choosing Ginger Tea or making your own. It's great for digestion and improved digestion definitely helps people to drop pounds.

Stay Away from Drinks With Chemicals

You know already know that sugary drinks are bad and that high-fat drinks are bad. We all know this stuff by now! However, you may be relying on diet colas and other calorie-free drinks which contain lab-created artificial sweeteners in order to stay away from sugar and/or fat. 

We don't recommend these drinks. They seem helpful, but may actually impair weight loss because they inhibit the metabolism. Metabolic slowdown is the last thing that people want when they are trying to burn calories and get slimmer, sexier bodies!

Water Helps With Weight Loss

Water is hugely helpful for weight loss. It's an essential part of the weight loss equation. Hopefully, this detailed guide has given you all of the hard facts about how much water you should drink in order to access a sleeker figure or physique.

Getting the water that you need each day will make things easier for you. Your body will work well and you won't need to work so hard in order to burn calories.

Also, as a great bonus, you may find that your skin quality improves once you start getting the recommended level of hydration. Water moisturizes and plumps our skin from the inside out!

So, why not use our tips to get the water that you need...and in order to lose the weight that you want to lose?