How to Get Hydrated Fast

hydrating fast

Did you know that it's important to drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of pure H20 every single day? If you're not getting this amount of vital hydration, your body may not be functioning the way that it should. While it's often tough to get used to drinking this much water every day, it's something that you should definitely shoot for. Once you do get used to it, you'll know that you're doing all that you can in order to be healthy.

Drinking pure water from a glass or bottle is probably the fastest way to get the hydration that you need. Today, we're going to share more information about the importance of hydration, and also suggest some healthy alternatives to plain water. We'll make it so easy for you to get the fluid that you need.

Water is Essential to Good Health

Without sufficient water intake, you may suffer from a range of unpleasant symptoms, including dry mouth, dry skin, excessive thirst, dry eyes, joint pain, loss of muscle mass, fatigue and mental fog. As you can see, hydration is really important. Without the right hydration levels, people just don't feel good and they may even have trouble recovering from illnesses. As well, lack of hydration often triggers digestive difficulties.

8 eight-ounce glasses of water will fill up a 2 liter bottle. We're mentioning this so that you'll know exactly how much water you should drink every day.

Some people may need a little less water or a little more. Exact fluid requirements will differ from person to person, based on gender, age, how much physical activity is performed and local climate. However, using the "2 liter bottle" rule will be a good way to ensure that you always get what you need.

One option is to fill up an empty and clean 2 liter bottle with filtered or bottled water each morning and then make sure to drink it all up during the day and night. Another option is to find an eight-ounce glass and fill it up with tap or filtered water eight times daily.

When you pay attention to water intake and are more careful about getting what you need, you'll find that your body thanks you. The extra fluid will help you to avoid dehydration and its symptoms. As well, it may help you to maintain a healthy body weight.

Hydration Promotes Weight Loss

Water is calorie-free, it assists with calorie burning (H20 temporarily raises the body's metabolic rate) and it helps to dull appetite by filling up the stomach. It also helps to flush out toxins and impurities which may lead to bloating. Some people drink full glasses of water before they eat, with a mind to eating less food during their meals. If you want to slim down, this strategy may work for you!

Drink Water When You Exercise

If you want to feel your best while you exercise, you should focus on taking in small sips of H20 every ten or fifteen minutes during your workouts. When you do so, you'll be able to replace the fluid that you've lost via sweating. If you plan to work out for more than an hour, you should add nutrients, as well as water.

For example, choose a sports beverage which has a carb count of five to seven percent. When you drink this type of beverage, your body will be able to use the carbs rapidly and this will help you to stay energized. It will also ensure that electrolytes are replenished.

Electrolytes are particular nutrients and chemicals which play vital roles with the human body. For example, electrolytes keep heartbeat regular and allow muscles to work properly. Three examples of electrolytes include magnesium, potassium and calcium. Tap water has some electrolytes. Some bottled waters may have a little, but others don't. This is why you should consider sports drinks when it comes to getting fluid during workouts.

Drinking Gatorade or another types of sports beverage will give you access to the water that you need to replace fluid that is lost via perspiration and you'll also get electrolytes which help you to perform as you train.

As you can see, plain water isn't the only option and it's not always the best option. 

Now that we've shared the most important facts, let's discuss some great ways to access hydration quickly. Sports drinks and plain water are fine choices sometimes, but you may want more options in order to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Discover Infused Waters

Infused water is also referred to as fruit-flavored water or detox water. It's made with an array of ingredients, from fruit to veggies to herbs. These ingredients are immersed in cold water and infused waters may be prepared ahead of time. For example, if you make infused water the night before and keep it in your fridge, you'll be able to grab it in the morning and get hydrated fast, or fill up a sports bottle with the tasty fluid and take it with you.

You'll access more flavor and nutrients than you'd get from plain water and you'll also be able to enjoy fresh taste. Some people get tired of drinking plain water, so knowing how to make healthy infused waters is really beneficial!

Make a Grapefruit and Rosemary Infused Water

To make this infused water, cut away a rind from a whole grapefruit and then slice the fruit. Add thirty-two ounces of water to a large jar or bottle and then plunge the fruit into the H20. Add a sprig of rosemary (it should be fresh). The mixture should be infused at room temperature for a couple of hours. After this infusion period is over, you may place it the fridge. Drink it within twenty-four hours of making it.

Grapefruit and rosemary add so much taste and they are good for you, too. Once you've discovered just how easy it is to make infused water, you may want to make it daily. Experiment with different fruit and herbs (cucumbers are good veggie to try, also) and then see which infused waters are most appealing to you. You may even buy infused water bottles which include central compartments for fruit, veggies and herbs. 

These types of water drinks are great for your health and they don't contain additives or refined sugar. This makes them better choices than fruity drinks which are sold in stores.

Herbal Teas are Nice for a Change

Another option is herbal tea. It comes in so many flavors and drinking a nice cup of hot herbal tea is very relaxing. A lot of people prefer to get hydrated fast with herbal tea, rather than indulging in coffee, which will dehydrate the body, or tea which contains caffeine.

You may prepare herbal tea in just a moment, by heating water on a stove top or the microwave and then adding an herbal tea bag. It will only take an extra minute or two for the herbal tea to brew. Stir, remove the tea bag and enjoy.

Choose flavors that you love. Peppermint herbal tea is very refreshing and aids digestion. Chamomile herbal tea has a soothing aroma and distinctive taste and it may make it much easier to sleep at night. It's a great choice when you want to get hydrated before bed.

There are countless varieties to try. Make a whole pot or just one cup, or prepare a pot of tea and then refrigerate it, so that you may enjoy iced tea once it's chilled. Herbal tea doesn't cost much as a rule and it's delicious. Since it's free of caffeine, it will assist you with meeting your hydration targets, rather than drying you out like coffee does (due to the diuretic properties of its caffeine content).

Smoothies Hydrate and Nourish

If you want to get enough fluid, but also want to enjoy filling nutrients, you may want to whip up a smoothie in your home blender. These thick, creamy drinks do hydrate and they are easy to take along with you. Some smoothies may be prepared in just a couple of minutes, so they are quick options when it comes to getting hydration. They will be perfect for times when you are hungry and thirsty.

There are thousands of quick smoothie recipes online. We'll share one great one here in order to help you get inspired!

Summer Smoothie Recipes

For this recipe, you'll need a cup of watermelon, one-quarter of a cup of strawberries, half a cucumber and half a serving of vanilla-flavored protein powder. As well, you'll need a half-cup of coconut water which isn't sweetened. Lastly, you'll need four ice cubes. Just toss everything into your blender and run the machine until the drink has a smooth consistency.

Try Our Hydration Tips Today

We want you get your eight glasses of water per day. We know how important hydration is and we hope that our hydration facts and drink ideas have been helpful. When you alternate between plain water, sports drinks, infused waters, herbal teas and smoothies, you'll get hydration and also enjoy plenty of variety. So, why not try our tips today?