How to Make Fruit Infused Water

fruit infused water

With the hot summer weather slowly but surely setting in, people are looking for tasty ways to keep their cool and beat the summer heat. Sure, a few scoops of ice cream might help, and maybe a nice cold milkshake might keep the sweltering heat at bay, but these options are rarely ever healthy and could cause significant weight gain which might not be ideal for those seeking to sculpt a summertime beach bod. The best cool down companion to combat the coming weather has taken the online community by storm, and it’s none other than flavored water.

Water is recognized as the ultimate beverage, allowing people to hydrate and stay cool minus all the calories and sugar. But for some, water might be a little on the bland side, which is why the dawn of infused water has been accepted with open arms. Coming in a variety of creative fruit flavours, flavored water isn’t only easy to make, it’s pumped with hundreds of vitamins and minerals ideal to keep your body healthy and fit – no matter how much you might end up drinking.

Want to say goodbye to that sweltering summer heat and spice up your water bottle with tasty fruit flavor? Find out how to make fruit infused water with this simple guide.

How to Make Infused Water

Choose Your Ingredients

What’s really fun about making fruit water is that you are in charge of what you want your creation to contain. Do you like tangy, citrusy fruits? A few slices of lemon, lime, or orange might do the trick. Do you prefer sweet, subtle flavors swimming around in your drink? Toss in a few berries or apple slices. With so many different fruits to choose from, the combinations you can make are close to endless. But remember, aside from flavor, you should consider what health benefits you want to get from your drink. Many fruit, vegetable, and spice options are jam packed with different nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that work to combat disease, fight off illness, and improve overall health. Read up about the different fruit combinations and how to make fruit infused water for health purposes.

Consider Different Kinds of Water

Before you even get to asking – yes, there are different kinds of water. And yes, all of these types offer different benefits. For many who prepare infused water, simple tap water might just be enough to float their boat. But for those who want to go the extra mile, there are different kinds of water that can help enhance the health benefits of fruit infused water. Alkaline water, for example, is much less acidic than many other types of water. This particular option is rich in alkalizing compounds like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate which are all ideal for health conscious individuals who want to make the most of their drink.

Use the Right Container

Even the container you choose to make your drink in can affect its effectiveness. There are some water bottles that fail to seal properly, allowing contaminants in the environment to seep into your beverage and take away from its health properties. When making fruit infused water, make sure you choose a container that seals completely and keeps all of your concoction safe from contamination. It would be wise to choose a container that’s specifically made for preserving food as you will have to keep your fruit infused water in storage for some time to ensure that the fruits’ juices are aptly incorporated into the water. What’s more, because fruit water has a tendency to look aesthetically pleasing, it would be a smart idea to choose a container that maximizes the appearance of your fruit infused water. A clear glass jar or bottle filled to the brim with clean water and colored fruits can make the perfect decorative touch to any kitchen table.

Slice Properly

There are different ways you can slice your chosen fruits, and some of these can maximize the nutrients they lend to your water. Then there are some fruits that have thick, bitter peels and pits that could make your water taste less than satisfying. When preparing your fruit infused water, make sure you slice and peel your ingredients appropriately. Remove any seeds or pits that could make drinking unpleasant, and peel any fruits that could make your water bitter. As a general rule, fruits included in fruit infused water should be free from anything that isn’t part of the fruits’ ‘meat.’

One Part Fruit, Two Parts Water

The last thing you want when you take a gulp of your fruit infused water is to choke on chunks of the ingredients your incorporate. To make the best fruit infused water, keep everything at a ratio of one part fruit and two parts water, or less fruit if it’s the type that easily infuses. This will ensure that you get more water for every bottle you prepare, and that your mixture doesn’t become overly flavored which can be unpleasant to drink at times.

Leave to Infuse

Of course, what good would infused water be if it failed to infuse? Once you’ve sliced all your ingredients, placed them in a jar or bottle, and added in your water, make sure you leave it for a while to infuse and incorporate. Fruits like oranges, limes, and lemons infuse much faster than many other fruits, so leaving them to sit for an hour in your water might be enough to get the right flavor. Herbs, spices, and other fruits and berries take much longer than their citrus counterparts, so make sure you give them enough time to incorporate into the water for best results. It doesn’t hurt to keep your infused water in room temperature, but it would be wise to store it in a fridge after you’ve left it to set for an hour. This will ensure that your fruits stay fresh and that your water becomes pleasantly cool to help fight away the scorching summertime heat.