Infused Water For Weight Loss

Infused Water For Weight Loss

Without proper hydration, you may find that losing weight is an uphill climb. However, the prospect of drinking lots of plain water every day may not be a pleasant one. Some people get tired of drinking plain water in large quantities and these types of people will greatly benefit from discovering the properties and advantages of infused water for weight loss.

To give you the inside scoop on what this sort of water is, how it aids weight loss and how to make it, we’ve created a detailed and factual guideline. Once you’ve learned about infused water for weight loss, you may find that you turn to it again and again, with a mind to dropping those unwanted pounds faster.

What is Infused Water, Anyway?

This type of water is plain water which is infused by the addition of fruit, veggies and/or herbs. These ingredients are immersed in cold water in order to create water infusions, which are then drunk. Sometimes, people call infused water detox water for its amazing detoxifying properties.

Benefits of Infused Water

The rationale behind infused water for weight loss is that drinking sufficient amounts of water will elevate your body’s resting energy expenditure, which is also known by the acronym, REE. In kids, sufficient hydration via water results in a twenty-five percent increase in REE. In grown-ups, it’s also very beneficial and its effects last for about forty minutes.

When it comes to getting enough fluids daily and nightly, some drinks do more harm than good. For example, soda is terrible for the health and it’s not a smart choice for those who want to feel better! Sodas are loaded with chemicals and calories and this is why choosing delicious, fresh and infused water is a better way to elevate your own body’s resting energy expenditure!

Soda consumption may lead to diabetic health conditions, obesity and other adverse side effects. So, put down the soda can or bottle and find a new way to quench your thirst – you’ll be so glad that you did, once you see how much better you look and feel!

Most health experts say that typical people should drink sixty-four ounces of H20 every 24 hours. Diet experts tend to recommend even more water than this, such as 128 ounces per day.

Since drinking plain water gets dull, infused waters offer variety to dieters or other health-conscious people.

When you choose infused water for weight loss, you’ll access an array of health benefits just by sipping and swallowing! These may include:

  • A faster metabolic rate
  • A feeling of fullness which dulls the appetite
  • The ability to release fat cells more easily
  • Better digestive health
  • Toxin elimination
  • Mood enhancement
  • Better muscle endurance during physical activity
  • More energy, even on grueling days or nights

You may make your own infused water by simply adding some delicious, organic and pure fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Some of our favorites include lemons, cucumber, mint, and blueberries. Nothing beats a homemade all natural infused water!

Now that we’ve talk about infused water benefits, let’s move on by discussing how to make infused water recipes. Water infusion is easy to achieve at home and drinking your own homemade infused water will help you to detox, by flushing impurities out of your body. However, the infused waters that you purchase will have exactly the same effect. So, you shouldn’t shy away from buying what you need if you want to! But you'd be saving a ton of money by buying our Brimma fruit infused water bottle for home and on the go. 

How to Make Infused Water

There are infused water recipes all over the World Wide Web. We’ll share one simple recipe here in order to help you get started with detox water. However, there are plenty more recipes out there, so you’ll never get bored. Just do a simple Google search in order to find others. We do recommend starting with this one, as it’s just so beneficial to the body, pleasing to the palate and simple to make…

Lemon-infused Water Recipe

To make this type of water, pour some cold spring water or filtered water into a container. We recommend the Brimma 32oz fruit infused water bottle as its large enough to hold enough fruit and water for your everyday activities. 

Once your cold water is in its container, slice a lemon or two and place the slices in the water. You may wish to squeeze a few slices into the water in order to release more pure and fresh lemon juice. Since lemon has a pleasantly tart flavor, you’ll find that adding a bit more lemon is generally a good thing! However, you don’t want to make it too tart to drink!

After this, let the cold water steep in your fridge for at least an hour, or overnight. Steeping allows the fruit to really penetrate the water and gives this infused water more natural goodness.

We chose lemon because it’s so easy to find and so affordable. As well, lemon is a wonderful ingredient for detoxification. It’s very good for kidney health, it helps to relieve bloating and it contains plenty of vitamin C, which offers superlative immune system support.

Also, we chose this recipe because it couldn’t be easier to make and most people prefer to make infused waters which aren’t too elaborate.

A great twist on this recipe is adding a kiss of agave for a little sweetness to create an awesome and healthy little lemonade drink. 

Try Infused Water Today

You may have trouble losing weight because you don’t drink enough water. You may also feel tired and irritable because your body isn’t getting the precious hydration that it needs in order to function effectively. It’s possible to change the way that you look and feel, just by drinking enough infused waters daily.

Now that you know more about this type of water, as well as the overall benefits of good hydration, you’ll be ready to become your best self. Once you start drinking infused water, you may find that it’s the only drink that you really crave.

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